Waiting Room

Dedicated to Devil’s advocate. 

“we were in love…thankfully not with each other.

Roma walked out of the jail into the bright sunshine of Mumbai. After 10 years spent in jail, all you want to do is  appreciate is that you are still alive and a fragment of a life to look forward to. Roma holded on to her meager belongings.

With her earnings, she saved from learning and selling bamboo handicrafts in Jail, she had booked a one way ticket to Haridwar. Train was at 12 am midnight and she had enough time to kill by.

She tried calling her in laws , but of course she couldn’t reach them. Mainly for two reasons, she was sentenced for committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder a 27 yr old woman & second her husband was killed by his business partner Jatin.

She made mental calculation & figured out with her negligible amount of money, may be she can afford a decent hair cut and to dye her hair black. She went to a nondescript saloon aptly named-“Decent Saloon” to have a hair cut and dye her hair black. She went to Mumbai Central Station & chose to wait in the waiting room .

The humidity and the Bombay summer almost lulled Roma into a dreamless sleep in the waiting room. Ten years in the jail had taken a toll on her. To sleep at a place, where she was not monitored with 100 along others was a dream come true.

Her dreams were a rushes from her past life. Her husband Ravi , his business partner Jatin & that woman she killed were all in her dream.

That fateful night, when she found out that her husband was killed, she had just returned from a kitty party in her colony. She was listening to the endless saga of her mother-in-law’s joint pains, when suddenly their office peon rushed into their home and informed the family that Ravi Saab was killed by Jatin.

She couldn’t picture or even remember Jatin, when the news registered her brain. She slumped into the sofa & drifted in & out of consciousness . The next 15 days were a antonym of a dream. The nightmare abruptly ended with another nightmare.

After one month, Roma went out to a nearby mall for some shopping. Suddenly a frail woman in her early 30s, with her black-brown hair swaying in the wind started stalking Roma. That unknown woman stalked Roma  & without even saying anything moved forward to stab her. Roma being the strong woman between the two, pushed that woman forward and that unknown woman fell off from the 4th floor railing of the mall onto the plush marble floor.

She couldn’t comprehend of what actually happened to her. But luckily enough, guardians of law were with her & Roma got tried for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. For the act of self-defense & lack of motive, Roma was tried & sentenced to 10 year jail.

Suddenly she woke up to the present and looked around her. The waiting room was filled with myriad of people waiting for their train. Life is a waiting room too, Roma thought.

Suddenly her eyes wandered into the far left corner, where she found a middle aged man intently reading a newspaper.

Roma adjusted her hair, gathered her belongings-consisting of a big handbag & a suitcase & walked towards that man. The man seemed to be in his early forties, still digging the newspaper as if it were the last newspaper in the whole world.

Roma sat beside him. She looked at him and whispered to him- Why did you kill my husband, Jatin ? . Jatin looked away from the newspaper and removed his steel framed spectacles. He folded his arms smugly around his chest and studied Roma.

His honey brown eyes intensely looked at Roma. the hair around his temples had turned into white. His physique had not yet changed after all these years. He still looked the same, bit more sturdy and in contrast a bit more worn out.

He seemed not to hear her and went out. Roma wanted to stand up angrily and give Jatin a smack on his face. But she couldn’t, all these years of hatredness for him had turned into a mellow feeling. That hate was still there in the corner of her heart, but it didn’t hurt her anymore.

Jatin came back after sometime with a hint of cigarette smoke on his breath. “I asked you a question.” Roma asked him again. Jatin looked at her and smiled a bit.

He answered- “i killed your husband because he was stealing money from his own company. Embezzlement . He was creating fake company profiles and transferring money to banks. Here our company was going through a financial crunch and he was vacationing at Thailand. ”

“You tell me senorita, “he continued ” What was i supposed to do’ ? . Roma couldn’t help but smile at him. It was more than a decade someone had flirted with her. Jail was filled with filthy low life. Humans with almost no remorse or regret.

Even an amorous word from her husband’s murderer made her smiled. Roma flicked her grey hair and looked at him. Her black eyes looked straight at him and questioned him infinitely.

“Why?” Roma asked again. There was no doubt that Roma had every form of luxury in her loveless life & her husband a decade old than her had showered upon her everything she ever wanted. But Love, that was a precious commodity, rarely found & never bought or sold.

“which jail you were sentenced to ?” Roma asked Jatin. “yerawada jail, pune.” JAtin said.

“That’s a celebratory jail.” Roma said & laughed. Jatin looked at her amusingly . The windows brought evening light in the waiting room. And they halted gently on Jatin’s shoulder.

They both sat in silence. Roma studied her hands and stole glances at Jatin. He seemed immersed in the newspaper . The waiting room was almost empty except for a few passengers.

“Where are you going? ” Jatin asked

“Haridwar” Roma answered

“ok.” They were silent again . Jatin asked Roma out of the blue. -“why did you kill my girlfriend.?” .”what ?” Roma was shocked. “that woman whom you pushed off from the railing of 4th floor was my girl friend..Nina.” “I” Roma Stammered.

“that psychotic bitch was your girlfriend ?” Roma asked Jatin. “thankfully time numbs down everything.” Jatin said. “yes that dear little bitch was my girlfriend. ”

“but why she was following me….” Roma asked.  ” I don’t know.” Jatin said ” Psychos have their own GPS.” He laughed.

“Where are you going ?” .Roma asked him. He looked towards her but didn’t say anything. It was 9 pm a warm, July night. The  clouds were already gathering their conductors to play for the rain God and the commuters were rushing towards their home.

The waiting room now was empty except for those two. The evening skies thundered and suddenly rain started pouring in & filling in every piece of  earth. There was a sudden hush in the atmosphere and then suddenly the rain song was every where.

“Why did you kill my husband, Jatin?” Roma asked him again.

And out of nowhere Jatin gave her a tight slap across her face. Roma stumbled back in shock and recovered quite fast and move forward to slap Jatin. He twisted her hand tightly and Roma punched him in the stomach with her other free hand.

“Lady, i killed your husband, because i love you. And you were caught up in that twisted married life. ” Jatin said.

” I have missed you so much.” Roma said and  holding him tightly. “It was the only way out, Roma.”

“My psychotic girl friend wouldn’t leave me, your husband wouldn’t divorce you. It was the only way out, Roma.” Jatin  said.

“Ten fucking long years, aye. Are you ok. Did jail treat you well ?” Jatin asked her.

” Yes it was a nightmare. everyday i was thinking about you, you were my strength. “Roma said.

“have you booked your tickets to Haridwar?” Roma asked JAtin.

“No, but don’t worry, we’ll manage it. ” Jatin said.

Now it was a dream come true. Antonym of a nightmare. Rain had melted down the harshness of a night. They both sat on a bench, savoring every moment of togetherness after a decade.

It was 11pm, one hour for their train to depart. One hour for their new life to start.

“listen, i will go out and bring some tea ok.?” Jatin asked Roma.

“Ok..”Roma said. “Jatin”..Roma called out again “Do you still take two teaspoon sugar with tea.”

“Yes i do.” Jatin said & looked at her. He gave her one last look and walked out of the waiting room.

Roma sighed contentedly and settled on the bench. It was worth a wait & worth all the time, humiliation, speculation in the world. She always had Jatin by her side. There was one doubt, on why didn’t Jatin save her from her jail sentence. He could have easily done that.

May be she will ask him, when he comes back. She rummaged around her bag and looked for her train ticket. She pulled out her train ticket and with that a dark rust orange colored envelope fell out of her bag.

A single name, her name-Roma was mentioned on the envelope.

She opened the envelope & removed gingerly two loose sheet out of it. The first sheet read- In case of my death-i.e.Mr.Jatin Sahani. WTF Roma thought and looked frantically around the waiting room. She rushed out of the waiting room and no one was there.

This is clearly a joke,Roma thought. Jatin liked to do that. Jatin was a gifted prankster. She smiled a bit hesitantly and walked again inside the waiting room.

She started reading the second sheet , which was a letter.


I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t. When you will be reading this letter, I will be long gone. My days are numbered. I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer and its already in advanced stage. The doctors over here used lots of complicated jargon, but it all means one thing, that i am going to die.

I am sorry, i am really sorry that we couldn’t keep our agreement. I so much wanted to spend my whole life with you, even after life. But oh well ! This is life. God is the ultimate judge..even though i don’t believe in him.

I love you a lot. And these words are really sparse of what i feel for you. It sounds cheesy i know, but its true. There will be a time and a space for everything …and this is the time to remember the happy us and a time to build your happy life.

What you have done, takes lots of courage. Yes it requires lots of courage on my side too..But you gave up ten years of your life, your family..just about everything.

I actually feel at peace right now. You must be reading this letter at a railway station or the jail premises, wherever time decides to stop my life. Time always leads.

Why didn’t i save you from your jail sentence ? Ok..confession time. Remember that one time you cheated on me while we were in college, you never told that to me. I accidentally found it out. It hurt me a lot, broke me. This was just payback time.

How did my ex psychotic girl friend, know that it was you. I told her about us. Of course her being crazy did help. I stopped her medicine for anti depressants and anger issues. It is a lethal combination. Then being crazy genius she is, it didn’t took her long enough to figure out about your routine.

What later happened, was just a chain reaction.

I am going to miss you. I am going to miss us. I am going to miss you in flesh & blood, holding you, making love to you, doing so many things together with you. It will be just a plan now. Empty words on this letter.

you, my dear Roma ..you have an entire life ahead of you. I know you will be 37, once when you are released from jail. More than middle age, but alive and kicking. I will not be there with you.

But here is what you will have with you..your life, your dreams, your grey hair, your wrinkles and dimples, your beautiful black eyes to look at the world. Live like you always wanted to..

Don’t listen to anyone, create your own life. I will miss you more than anything in this world. It will be tough for you too..but move on..there is nothing for people in this world who don’t move on.

With all my love in the world,

Yours only,


PS- Is it raining tonight. “



Dear Diary,

It was a dull day at work today as usual. My new profile at work since last 8 months has not shown any sparks & i am just languorously passing my time from 9 to 5. Of course its a shame that most of the website don’t open at work. But i am not complaining. I am happy with what i can get access to. Although at certain point of time during the day, i do feel depressed, sad & angry that i have no pivotal role in the department. It feels as if my talent is being wasted or sometimes i do wonder do i have even talent to begin with.

Well hopefully, this day also has come to an end. And as i sign off, i hope to have better day at work tomorrow. Till i write again, dear diary, stay safe and be mine.


Nishtha Swami (Date-08.04.2017)

Dear diary,

What a day it was !! I am so glad its over. The envitable happened, i fought with my boss. I guess this was in the pipline, since last few months. But all the steam had now come to surface and i couldnt help but fight.

Phew ! I was not aware of my own anger and i thought i was a cool-headed person. It all started when i asked for more work, important work, something where i can apply my brains.  And the boss asked me to relax that more work will come along. And that’s where i fumed up. I have been waiting for last 8 months, this is what i have been doing, waiting since last 8 months. I have been fucking paid to wait. Or should i have more prime contacts to move the chairs around here. Trust me, my eyes are burning to such an intense level that i can almost burn the monitor with my stare.

Tell me dear diary, which employee will not be angry. I am willing to do work, i want to do more work. But all the answer i get is, wait for sometime, we’ll delegate work to you. All i have been doing is waiting..Endless waiting. I know i should have looked for another job. But its tough, given the slack in the market plus my non-existent degree. But hey working in a company for 5 years & Then suddenly packing off someone to a department where you don’t work for nearly 8 months will result into some anger management issues.

And yes sir ! i am angry. I am really sorry diary to be so much angry, i don’t want to be. But hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. New work may be. Aye..?

Till we meet again, hope for a better sunrise tomorrow..



Dear Diary,

Its over. Fin. Zero. I have never ever felt so insulted & humiliated in my life. After all these 4.5 years of dedicated service to my organization..what do i get in return. A god damn fucking opportunity to hold the scissor so that the seniors can inaugarate some silly website.

This is what you get in return. The only good part in that function was a cup of milky tea & of course vegetable fritters. Who would ever have thought, that egg plant slices can make such good fritters..but well they do..

Good food incites good emotions. And this is what that well-fried  Egg plant did. It calmed my mind, i had to take a big step to make things right. May be to find a new job or to take up study. But yes, something would be done soon & wheels are already churning up in my head.

Till then,



Ps-Remind me dear diary, that i need to join a gym by tomorrow

Dear Diary,

Well, this was a unpredictably a good day.  I got a chance to do something substantial at work. My so called “talents” were recognized. If that is the correct sentence. And I also enrolled myself into gym today.

But to be honest, i wish there would be more chances to do valuable work. Imagine sitting at desk day in and day out doing nothing. Yes, i know i am getting paid for it, but i wish there was some work involved. Being lazy is not doing anything good to my brains..I assure you that much dear diary.

Meanwhile, my anger management issues are in control, but its almost like a bubble waiting to burst in my head. I still get angry at the most inconsequential things , but hopefully .

And till we meet again dear diary, stay mine

yours,nishta (11.04.2017)

Dear Diary,

I witnessed a beautiful sunset today, by the sea. We have never talked where i work. I know that you know that i work in a commercial building in a commercial flat, where a room full of people like me sitting in open cubicles, parted only by a wooden screen . Our basic amenities being a desktop personal computer, drawer and of course a desk to place knick knacks. My job is actually in the logistics. As much as i would love to mention that i am an executive, my work ethically only provides me to say that what i do is count and reconcile, number of trucks/dumpers which leave the port and reach to our client’s destination.

So as luck would have favoured it, today our team was invited to visit the  ongoing operation at site i.e.at the port. what a magnificent place it is !! Why do people condemn it so much ?  But may be i liked it because a) i like places by the sea b) it was a semi picnic for us. The road to the port, where the main operations are paved mainly of coal dust, dirt. It can induce a major allergy attack for someone who is a stickler for no dust policy. But its beautiful. I saw the barge laden with bauxite , coal, went right up to the edge..where a sharp fall of 50 meters, can lead someone to nasty fall and death among the sharp edged rocks.  What a perfect way to murder someone..But why are we talking about murders. I think its also a place where anyone can have nasty accidents..but in the most unpredictable manner it is also a beautiful place to see sunsets & far away vessels. One can never ignore the vastness of the sea.

And till we meet again, dear diary. stay kind.



Dear Diary,

what a day it was at work ! my senior colleague and boss had a spat & boy it was a cat fight worth recording..May be i should have recorded it & uploaded it on You tube. It would have gone viral. The work related tension between my boss & me has not yet defused. But unfortunately there is nothing i can do about it.

My anti-depressant pills & anger management pills are helping to keep me in a happy state of mind. But sometimes i think they are just a placebo.

But the good news is, that i am going on a short vacation and i will not be returning till 16.04.2017 night. I guess i need one. I am tired of seeing the same old faces over here. I need a break. And i need to think.

Till we meet again, let us be in a happy state of mind. I will miss you..

Yours in storms, blues and sunshine,

Nishta (12.04.2017)

Dear Diary,

What a day it was ! i came back from vacation and the surprisingly & delightful (excuse my insensitivity) day greeted me with open arms. I was escorted to my boss’s cabin for an informal interrogation by an inspector. Now if you are wondering what happened, then my dear diary, i present to you a snippet from the newspaper and following that my interrogation with the inspector :-

“On 17th April’midnight, at Bedi Port ,a middle aged person’s body was found in the rocks. Upon further investigation it was found that, the body was identified as that of Mr.Ravi Burman, an employee of Shah Shipping ltd. Mr.Ravi Burman , who was an senior level employee working with Shah shipping ltd since last 15 years. He was 47 years old.

Currently our confidential sources are claiming this as a case of accident or suicide. The police are also not ruling out the case of murder. Police said they will be conducting an initial inquiry about Mr.Ravi Burman’s demise. The body was found today early morning by the port workers. It was identified by the deceased’s father Mr.Kishen Burman. Mr.Ravi burman is survived by his wife Mrs.Kamla Burman , his father Mr.Kishen Burman & his two children, Vimla-8 & Charan-4 .”

And this was my interrogation with the Inspector Rao & his sub-inspector Mr.Patel.

Inspector Rao- Your name is —

Me- Ms.Nishta Swami

Inspector Rao- How long you are working for Shah Shipping Co ?

Me-I will be completing  5years with Shah Shipping Co this July.

Inspector Rao- What is your job profile over here ?

ME- Sir, i am into logistics.

Inspector Rao- How long have you known Mr.Ravi Barman ?

Me- I have known him since the time i have joined over here. He was my reporting manager since last 8 months.

Inspector Rao- We have heard that you used to have lots of squabbles with him.

ME- Well every boss and their sub-ordinate do. (Sub Inspector Mr.Patel chuckles a bit),

We had our share too.

Inspector Rao- Do you think Anyone could have murdered Mr.Burman ?

ME- No sir..He was a likable person. Fair & just.

Inspector Rao- Do you think he had enemies over here ?

ME- No sir..there were people who had a minor enmity with him, but not enough to murder him.

Inspector Rao- Who said about Murder ? !!

ME :- No..i mean..didn’t you just ask, if he could have been killed by someone..

Inspector Rao- He was successful ,right..good position, about to be promoted again, happy family. Why die ? why to commit suicide .OR was it just a gruesome accident or murder ?

Sub Inspector Patel chips in- Sir, i’ve never thought about suicide.

Inspector Rao :- You are not successful yet, Patel.

Inspector Rao- Ok, that will be it Ms. Nishta. Btw, when did you last visit port ?

Me- Just last week, sir.

Inspector Rao- And do you have any allergies to the coal, dust, bauxite, etc..?

Me- no sir.

Inspector Rao- Ok, that will be it then Ms.Nishta. Thanks..

Me- Thank you sir.

Inspector Rao- Ma’am..are you still on your medicines ?

Me – (damn me, i fumble a bit)- yes sir.

Inspector Rao- Ok thanks..”

Well, that was it dear diary. The last part i just fumbled a bit. Why did he ask about my medicines ?

Good night dear diary,


Dear Diary,

Well..i am in an empty state of mind. If it exists. If i exist. Do we all really exist. Excuse my English and thoughts. I am not on the top of the moon yet, but i am tripping around in a happy way. I know i should be feeling sad about it, but i can’t help but feel good, feel happy, feel light.

This is what happened. I came back in town on 16th late night. We had not met since last couple of days..my boss & I. So our professional animosity was not blossoming since last few days. We both agreed to meet to start a little rendezvous to which i volunteered to without any effort, because Mr.Burman, my boss vouched for my promotion and of course salary hike.

As per my social integrity and morality, i know i was not going to do anything further except to make him agree to assign me more responsible work & promotion. So we met at 12.30am in port. Its scary you know, at night. For once, you are surrounded by big heaps of coal, bauxite..and just on the edge,if you slip accidentally, you meet the rocks and of course your death. We met, we squabbled, argued. He tried to reason, tempted to show me the light..that how an illicit affair could be the key to success.

But it was not..i knew that..He did try to touch me inappropriately and i slapped him hard. As fate would have taken us, we were right there on the edge. I pushed him once, he slipped a little back but maintained his balance. He tried to grab my hand, but this time i pushed him hard. I got lucky. He fell down among the rocks and the sea. After few minutes of whimpers and helpless cries, he died..Well that was it dear diary.

I like to work & murder is hard work. I will have to burn you too. May be this is my forte. We will never meet again. but you were kind to me.

Good bye.




The art of perfect murder

It was just another day to work. My daily routine is to commute to work via bus and stare out of the window to watch the highways and fields.

And just as all stories go, I was looking out of the window, where my eyes suddenly fell upon a lady perhaps in her 60s, sitting a little tensed behind the wheel & driving a sedan like a devil possessed. And mind you, the bus in which I travel, is not less than a beast. Sometimes I think we all need two safety belts in that bus, while the driver maneuvers through every twist and turn, dodging every vehicle, animal and almost flying off the bumps. It skews perhaps all the hormonal balance in my body and I am almost tempted to tell the driver that to ram the bus for once and for all, so that his cravings for speed comes to a forever end.

As much I like to be, this story is not about me or the beastly bus. I am narcissistic by the way. This is story about Mrs.Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane, the old lady behind the wheel, driving the sedan , like she might miss the one way ticket to Noah’s Ark. And how do I know about her. Well I have a secret, sometimes just sometimes I have a insight into other people’s mind & I can see, I can hear to what they are thinking.

Here I was, beside her, like a little fly sitting quietly inside her head and watching  her life.

Mrs.Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane had committed murder of her husband, Mr.Sahane . Well, technically he died in his sleep. Oh, but the sweet road to death was paved by Mrs.Sheila. Such is the bond between husband and wife, that sometimes they cant live without each other & sometimes they want to kill each other. Well, Mrs.Sheila succeeded.

Every married woman, for once in her life has this morbid thought to bump off her life partner. Its easy to think, but so difficult to do. Mrs.Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane  had this noble thought when all her 3 daughters flew her nest and settled in their own homes.

With the only company of spouse, whole day was indeed spent in bantering, bickering & squabbles. It had been a roller coaster ride for both of them. It had been 37 years of marriage with its usual ups and down. More down recently, since Mr.Sahane retired and offered his opinion on almost everything.

His opinion, though not always welcome was always hammered on Mrs.Sahane, who used to take his useless banter from dawn to dusk. It was only when he went out for his evening walks, the house was empty  & silent. Mrs.Sahane would then switch on her radio and begin preparing for dinner.

37 years ago, when Mrs.Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane had arrived in her new home. She was demure, coy with a beautiful heart shape face without any wrinkles or crease on her forehead. With the years gone by, she had a permanent scowl expression on her face, her once lush black hair had metamorphosed into a thin plait. One thing had remained consistent was her constant complain of acidity and her petite frame. Mr.Sahane , a civil engineer by profession had married Mrs.Sheila because he liked her name and his family liked her family. During the rare initial courtship days, he would say that he found her name poetic. It was only during the latter years of their married life, where he found her name to be a common place name.

Her constant bickering and his husband’s constant taunts had marred their relationship. In the last few years, his husband had tamed down a bit but still preferred arguments over a cup of tea.

Mrs.Sahane was tired. Every argument didn’t led them anywhere. They were still trapped in their dusty homes and arguments finally made the couple tired and they went to sleep.

However as old habits, die hard, Mrs.Sahane couldn’t help but nag. She constantly prayed, hoped that her husband would pass away suddenly, run off with another woman, but such occurrences & prayers were never granted immediately.

Mrs. Sahane was an avid reader and one fine day she came across an journal, which mentioned that constant nagging, bickering and quarreling can also cause death of your spouse.  What a brilliant idea , Mrs.Sahane thought, which detective is ever going to detect that the cause of her husband’s death was due to constant bickering, which apparently stressed his heart & finally killed  him.

It was a strenuous job. Its constantly tiring to fight with someone. Even wars end. But Mrs.Sahane’s mind was fixed on her goal. All she could picture everyday was a house empty, devoid of her husband, she can play radio and go to sleep whenever she wanted to. Although, she was a pious woman, it was here where the devil befriended her and they both devised plans to quarrel with her husband.

It took years. It took, innovative new ideas from Mrs.Sahane to quarrel with her husband. she had became an evergreen waterfall of venom. But on that day, when I saw her driving her husband’s sedan, was the day she got lucky.

Mr.Sahane had quietly died in his sleep. She checked on him early morning, he was sleeping. She tried to wake him up gently, but he didn’t.  Mrs.Sahane cried a little in her solitude. She would be alone now, she will miss Mr.Sahane but finally she will be home alone after 37 years.

She went to the kitchen, had her cup of tea added 2 teaspoons of sugar extra as a part of celebration. It was still early morning though & she rushed to drive to her daughter’s place , who was married in the same city. She wanted the maid to find the body and discover his death.

She spent a quiet early morning with her daughter. The excitement was almost transparent. She knew her daughters were close to their father. But unfortunately or not, she was not close to him anymore. Mrs.Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane almost doubled at the joy, that finally all her husband’s wealth will be finally hers, including the house she was staying in & of course their vacation home in Shimla.

Finally during mid morning, her maid called and gave the news. Mrs. Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane slumped down in her chair, fainted for couple of minutes, got feverish and stared blankly at the wall. She cried , no wailed in her daughter’s bathroom. It was a masterstroke performance. Oscar worthy, if I might add.

Mother-daughter duo rushed to her marital home. They both rushed to Mrs.Sahane’s bedroom, where they found Mr.Sahane lying down quite peacefully on the bed. Everyone was informed & all her daughters came down to home by late evening.

The Sahane daughters suggested to get their father’s body to be checked once by the doctor for cause of death. They couldn’t get to the terms with the fact, that their very healthy dad passed away quietly in their sleep. Mrs.Sahane wanted to retort back, how do you wanted him to die-fighting goons and elephants. Mrs.Sahane did agree to one thing though, that even if Mr.sahane was an imperfect husband, he was a perfect father. She had to agree to that.

The doctor arrived in the afternoon .He conducted routine tests, took a blood sample and told the family that he will come with  results after 2 to 3 days.

After 3 days, when I came back to visit Mrs.Sahane’s mind again, what followed totally shocked us all & Mrs.Sahane the most.

This was mentioned in the Doctor’s report. He died of a fatal heart failure which was caused to an advanced state of untreated syphilis. It was a shocker to everyone.

Their sex life was next to nil. But she had never cast a doubt on her husband. What hurt her the most, that he didn’t die due to her constant nagging or emotional torture, but he died due to a STD, which proved that he had an affair with someone. The only advantage Mrs.Sahane could see out of this, she could seek out sympathy with everyone, if she ever wanted to.

After 15 days, once all the rituals & the family obligatory and visits were over. Mrs.Sahane was basking alone in the winter sun . Life after Mr.Sahane was dull, but it was peaceful. The only cherry to complete her rosy life , was her husband’s missing will.

Just as an actor, who is waiting for his cue, the postmaster came to Sahane Home with a thick envelope, which was Mr.Sahane’s Will.

The contents of Mr.Sahane’s will changed Mrs.Sahane’s rosy world to a grayish world forever . This was stated in the will – “In the event of my death, all my wealth, property, any disclosed or found wealth shall be in the name of Mrs.Laxmi Pratap. Without her my life & my evening walks would have been incomplete.

To my legal wife of 37 years who had mastered the art of nagging & who managed to keep me alive all these years with bitter gourd & bottle gourd, i bequeath her Rs.5000/pm for the time she is alive.

To all my 3 daughters, a lump sum amount of Rs.500000/- each.

In case of any event, where Mrs.Laxmi Pratap doesn’t claim all the property & Bank balance bequeath to her within 7 years then all the wealth & property would be transferred to my legal wife Mrs.Sheila Vaibhavi Sahane.

This was the only ray of sunshine, in the will for Mrs.Sahane. She would have to find Mrs.Laxmi & kill her. Perhaps then she would feel at peace and go & reside in their vacation home. May be this time she will not take a long route, to kill someone with nagging , which failed apparently. She will perhaps take a direct route and come up with a resourceful plan. The art of perfect murder.

And now my dear readers, if you are wondering who the narrator of the story is. Someone who has this uncanny insight into someone’s life, then my name is Mrs.Laxmi Pratap. Pleased to meet you.