Story spinner-1

I wrote by mistake or high level sleep induced hormones the title for this post..Story Sinner.

While it sounded like a good first post title, I had zero content to post for it.

Things are also almost the same with this title too, Story Spinner.

But with new affirmations, will and internet facility at work, i will be able to spin something with words.

So with sun (tan) in my face & wind (& Dandruff ) in my hair, let us start.

My first curiosity as to articles, stories, fiction, novels, novellas, non-fiction & all forms of written siblings and their cousins, is how do the writers source their titles.

Do writers sit at their desk & ponder over what titles to choose for their work.

Or do they first choose their title and then work around it ?

As for me, good titles have always deluded me. Not that i am much of a writer, but a good title is a next valid step to success and of course more viewers and readers. I am sometimes intrigued by the ingeniousness of some writers..actually all.

I am undoubtedly curious,in awe and of course jealous of how George Saunders, J.K.Rowling, Joshua Cohen, Stephen King come up with such awesome titles and stories. And of course who can forget Tolkien, Douglas Adams..On homegrounds-Arvind Adiga, Upmanayu Chatterjee, Ashok Banker, R.K.Narayan.

On this sultry afternoon, where my hair is slowly getting drier day by day by the blasted air from the A.C..i know i am losing out on many things in life-age, hair, opportunities, perhaps good relationships too..

But i am here to keep one thing intact & that being my non-existent, almost negligible sense of humor. I want to make you smile, i want to make myself smile .

I will try to spin a story everyday, short and funny, naive, innocent, funny, heart-breaking, noir , anything and everything. Let words be our guiding light, our source in darkness & our song when we are without any words or rhyme..our stepping stone whenever we tumble down.

Just a parting shot- Whats a good story, but a lie told well ?